• Induces a sense of freedom & adventure
  • Motivates taking risk for reward
  • Encourages daring acts of courage
  • Radiate passion and excitement
  • Truly Believe One can do anything
  • Be extremely capable
  • Be a true survivor even against formidable odds

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring Approach

  • Maximising your Potential
  • Enabling you to make decisions
  • Improve your life.

Coaching process

  • Being more fulfilled work & home
  • Planning meeting specific goals
  • Renewed Academic achievement
  • Gaining a spiritual meaning to life

Mentoring Process

  • Personal one-on-one guidance
  • Addressing subject.deficiencies
  • Structured Learning & reading
  • Maximising Memory EASILY


About Colin

  • Wide on-hands experience
  • People person – I LIKE people!

My Qualifications

  • Mine Manager (Metalliferous)
  • Cost Accounting Diploma
  • Psychology Diploma
  • Project Management Diploma
  • English Diploma
  • Maths Diploma
  • Business Mgt & Entrep. Diploma

Tools used to help you

  • Professional Handwriting Analysis
  • Speed Reading Software
  • IQ & EIQ determination
  • Goal Setting & Leadership Ability


Employee Engagement Programmes

We are prooud to announce the launch of our employee engagement programme. An initiative aimed at businesses looking to improve employee wellness and motivation.

Our programmes are tailored to the needs of each company and can encompass one-on-one training sessions, group motivation lessons and team building activities.

We are currently working with financial services and QROPS providers and have another 3 finance companies that have signed up with us to roll out employee wellness initiatives at their respective companies.

We look forward to helping you with your employee engagement programme – contact us for more information!